Social Media Marketing Packages



Number of Blogs

Number of Platforms

Post Formats

Content Writing

Social Media Management

Social Media Ads

(Boosted Post)

Follower Growth


₹ 7,999

Monthly package



Any 2 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

4 Single Image Posts + 1 Blog Image 





₹ 16,999

Monthly package



Any 3 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin)

6 Single Images + 2 Product/Service Videos + 2 Blog Images 





₹ 46,999

quaterly (90 days) package



4 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

20 Single Images + 5 Product/Service Videos + 5 Blog Images 


Yes (2 Ad campaigns monthly on Facebook

and Instagram )

Paid + Organic


₹ 1,80,000

Annual (365 days) package



5 (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)

80 Single Images + 20 Product/Service Videos + 25 Blog Images 


Yes (2 Ad campaigns monthly on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn)

Paid + Organic

Social Media Marketing Services

social media marketing services instaapr

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Social Media Marketing helps you share company updates and announcements, product and service promotions to interact with all stakeholders and target audiences.

InstaaPR, with its experts, aims to support you through your social media journey. We will help you identify your actual target audience, plan an optimal social media strategy, develop social media content and take care of postings on social media pages.

A consistent social media effort helps you generate leads, brand awareness, reputation, and more. Our commitment to helping your business begins with your inquiry.

Quick Enquire With Us

Why Work With Us

InstaaPR team has worked with both large-scale and small-scale businesses. Our experts have successfully carried out long-term social media branding. We regularly advise and coordinate on how to communicate and engage with our client’s target audiences in the best-suited way.

We have deep knowledge of social media’s dynamic nature, and our experts constantly keep tabs on new developments for our clients to leverage. At the same time, we secure reliable and engaging communication that keeps the target audience hooked. We conduct a constant assessment of the audience segments and sentiment, competitor analysis, and content testing, and watch for the latest trend to help your brand cut through the clutter.

Our results-oriented team has successfully managed, advised, and created social media strategy across technology, financial services, education, real estate, hospitality, beauty, transport, tourism, health and construction domains, to name just a few.

Our Methodology

Our social media team will help you map out a well-integrated social media strategy. The strategy will incorporate key messaging, competitor analysis, content development, and targeting the right audience.

We will create all necessary content across various social media platforms keeping in mind the tone of each platform.

As a professional social media agency, we will understand your goals and business strategy and develop a customised social media plan aligned with your business goals.

Our Social Media Strategy

An ideal social media strategy is one that is tailored according to the organization and industry. The strategy must be ingrained in a deep understanding of the brand, its reputation, and the tone of the industry.

Our Social Media Strategies Include:

  • Competitor analysis

  • Charting a social media plan

  • Developing social media content

  • Designing engaging visuals

  • Frequent audience analysis

  • Analyzing data to access content engagement levels

  • Providing real-time reactive content

  • Managing targeted sponsored campaigns

  • Reputation management and crisis communications

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